Most Famous Dogs of 2012

Dogs had a good year in 2012, with many canines appearing in all aspects of popular culture—from movies to TV commercials to Internet memes. Here’s the list of the top ten dogs who had the most visibility this yea

  1. Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier in The Artist, not only stole the show in a film that won an Academy Award for Best Picture, but he was also the first dog to have his paw prints embedded in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He also released his tell-all autobiography this year.


  1. Bolt, the fitness-focused dog featured in the Volkswagen commercial, “The Dog Strikes Back,” which aired during the Super Bowl.  And here’s a behind-the-scenes peek to how they did that commercial.


  1. The Olate Dogs, winners of America’s Got Talent. These seven talented canines beat out comedian Tom Cotter and musician William Close to win the grand prize, which is one million dollars and a headlining show in Las Vegas.


  1. Spudgy, the adorable sleeping dog on Animal Planet’s America’s Cutest Pet show. The sleepy Pomeranian beat out an exercising Border Collie and a howling puppy to win the crown.


  1. Bear, the dog who belongs to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. When the Twilight actors went through their very public break-up this year, Bear was caught in the middle of a custody battle. Pattinson adopted Bear from a Louisiana shelter while he was filming “Breaking Dawn” in 2011.

Kristen Stewart Taking Her New Dog For A Walk

  1. Seamus, the Irish Setter who rode on top of Mitt Romney’s car in 1983 during a family vacation. A website and social media movement was started and the rock band Devo even recorded a song paying tribute to Seamus titled, “Don’t Roof Rack Me Bro.”


  1. Bo Obama, the first dog. Since his dad was re-elected, Bo will be living in the White House for four more years. He seems to be handling the media attention quite well. Just this past month, Bo stole the spotlight from First Lady Michelle Obama while they were visiting the Children’s National Medical Center.


  1. The Photobombing Husky, a Siberian Husky who stole the spotlight from a black Labrador Retriever, started to show up all over the Internet—including in photos of the Royal Wedding.


  1. Sparky, the animated dog from Tim Burton’s movie, Frankenweenie. The story of Sparky shows that a love between a dog and a boy is eternal.


  1. Dog, from Texts from Dog. We don’t see Dog and we only know him as “Dog,” but October Jones’ hilarious texts from his English Bulldog went viral this year.


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