Leader of the Pack Debuts

Dog behaviorist Cesar Milan has a new TV show, Leader of the Pack, that debuted on the National Geographic network this week. The purpose of the show is to pair owners with shelter dogs in need of forever homes. The potential dog parents compete against each other, interacting with the dog, and Milan chooses the lucky winner at the end of the show.

During the first episode, Jet, a black Lab mix, had a few behavioral issues, including being hyper and being possessive with his toys. The potential dog parents included a couple, a family with two kids and a single woman with four dogs. Milan worked with each of the contestants, showing them how to best work with this type of dog, all the while assessing their energy and compatibility with Jet. In the end, Jenni, the single woman, was able to take Jet home. I think it’s great that Milan is promoting rescuing shelter dogs and putting the issue in more of the public spotlight, however, it is a little uncomfortable watching people compete for a dog’s love.

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

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