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Top Dog Chef

SNL had a fun take-off on the TV show, Top Chef, this week. It’s gone to the dogs! Top Dog Chef is hosted by Padma Leashme, and the contestants all vie to create the most delicious meals, according to canine sensitivities. The competition goes awry when one of the chefs leaves the show to go [...]

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Driving Dogs

The SPCA in New Zealand has come up with an ingenious campaign to help adopt shelter animals. They’ve trained several homeless dogs how to drive a Mini Cooper. The tagline is, “Dogs this smart deserve a home.” Click here to see for yourself:   Yeah…my dog could totally do that….

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Walken the Dog

There’s a new video series on YouTube called, “Walken Dogs.” The videos are a parody of Christopher Walken walking his dog. In the first episode, Walken explains how he’s always prepared when he ventures out. I never would have guessed that Christopher Walken wore a fanny pack?!   The second episode focuses on walking etiquette. [...]

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