Movie Trailer: 50 Shades of Golden

On the heels of the much anticipated trailer for the movie, 50 Shades of Grey, comes a version starring two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Buddy and Annie. The trailer was produced by Sawith65 (aka Buddy and Annie’s mom and dad). This trailer looks much more interesting than the human version (in our opinion) and we can’t [...]

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Trending Topic: Dog Movies

Twitter had a fun trend this morning with the hashtag, #DogMovies. Some of the more clever titles were: Escape from New Yorkies, There Will Be Bloodhound, Pawshank Redemption, Apocalypse Chow, The Fault in Our Barks, The Lassie Temptation of Christ, Spay Anything and my personal favorite: The 49-Year Itch.

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Lassie, Come Back!

Lassie may be returning to the big screen. Dreamworks Animation is trying to revive the much-beloved canine’s career and bring her back to a new generation. Lassie is the most well-known dog worldwide and has an 83% brand awareness. According to the Los Angeles Times,  “the 10th-generation descendant of the original Lassie — a male [...]

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Wonder Dog Aims for World Record

Norman, a French Sheepdog, is going for a world record for longest distance on a scooter unassisted. Cheer him on here:           (Courtesy of

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On the Ninth Day, God Made a Dog

Philadelphia-based ad agency Red Tettemer has remade the “God Made a Farmer” video that aired on Super Bowl Sunday into “God Made a Dog.” It’s adorable!

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Dogs Beating the Heat

As most of the Western United States swelters in a heat wave, these dogs have the right idea on how to keep their cool when the mercury rises. Dogs in the San Diego area are heading to beach to learn how to hang 10. Not content to chase the ball or catch a Frisbee, these [...]

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Does the Dog Die?

I’ve never forgiven an ex-boyfriend for renting “Old Yeller.” Now this type of fatal relationship mistake need not happen! There’s a really useful website for dog lovers called, Does the Dog Die? Visit this site before you add movies to your Netflix queue, and know that you are safe from the trauma of seeing a [...]

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Puppy Bowl or Super Bowl? No Contest!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this….the Puppy Bowl airs on Feb. 3 starting at 3 pm PST on the Animal Planet. Get a sneak peek at the starting line-up before the big game and place your bets, although I’m not sure how you would choose just one. They’re all equally adorable! And no need [...]

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Top Dog Chef

SNL had a fun take-off on the TV show, Top Chef, this week. It’s gone to the dogs! Top Dog Chef is hosted by Padma Leashme, and the contestants all vie to create the most delicious meals, according to canine sensitivities. The competition goes awry when one of the chefs leaves the show to go [...]

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Save the Scottie Dog!

The beloved Scottie dog game piece in Monopoly is in danger of being eliminated! And the worst news is he could be replaced with (gasp) a cat! Monopoly creator Parker Brothers has decided to retire one of its classic game pieces and replace it with a newer model. In addition to the Scottie dog, the [...]

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